5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketers (Almost) Always Fail To Make Money

Over the years, I’ve witnessed many people exploring the exciting cornucopia of affiliate marketing.

An affiliate marketer confused by an experiment

Greedy Personality

Most affiliates first learn about affiliate marketing through YouTube. Perhaps a new video pops up in their recommended list, when they start looking for methods of making money on the web.

  • Independent thinker, fostering their own ideas.
  • Disciplined, with commitment to your goals.
  • Organized, with the ability to see the big picture.
  • Wary, and not easily distracted by money.
  • Never give up, unless you have a logical justification.

Not Learning Fresh Skills

Most affiliates never take the time to improve their skills, or even read articles from their peers.

Man sitting at a desk learning
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Videography
  • Website/App coding
  • Business management

No Digital Assets

The concept of affiliate marketing is objectively simple: you’re provided with some affiliate links and asked to distribute them widely. The more visitors that click on them, the more you get paid — right?

Security guard defending a vault

Never Tracking And Testing

Affiliates lose millions of dollars every year, by failing to optimize their landing pages, ad copy and other easily refined areas of their traffic funnel.

Affiliates tracking and testing

Failing To Reinvest

Even success has its pitfalls, at least when it comes to affiliate marketing. Many affiliates become drunk on money, as soon as they discover how profitable the industry can be.

Sports car at some traffic lights



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Mark Kempton

Mark is a prolific marketing expert and company founder. He teaches affiliate marketing at https://affiliateforest.com